Adyen provides a self-service sign-up for a sandbox account. To sign-up for an account visit the sign-up page and fill in the details.


For the Gr4vy Adyen Connector to work as intended, the Adyen account used by the connector must be configured with Capture Delay set to ‘Immediate’.

The Capture Delay configuration can be found under Settings -> Account Settings -> Merchant settings -> General.


When setting up Adyen in the Dashboard, you will need to configure the following credentials, which are obtained from Adyen:


The Adyen API key is obtained from the Adyen Admin Portal under the Developers -> API Credentials heading.

Adyen API Key

Merchant Account

The Adyen Merchant Account can be found in the Adyen Admin Portal under the Account -> Merchant accounts heading.

Adyen Merchant Account

Live endpoint prefix (conditional)

The live endpoint prefix is required for live Adyen transactions. The prefix is a combination of the random and company name from the live endpoint.

For example, if your live URL is then the live URL prefix would be 1797a841fbb37ca7-AdyenDemo.

See Live URL prefix for more details.