Authorize.Net provides a self-service sign-up for a sandbox account. To sign-up for an account visit the sign-up page and fill in the details. To create a sandbox account, visit the sandbox registration page.


When setting up Authorize.Net in the Dashboard, you will need to configure the following credentials, which are obtained from Authorize.Net:

Merchant Account ID

The account ID is obtained from the Authorize.Net Admin Portal under Settings -> API Credentials & Keys. The account ID will be listed next to the label “API login ID”.

Authorize.Net Account ID

Transaction Key

The Authorize.Net transaction key can be generated at the same page as Merchant Account ID, by selecting New Transaction Key and then clicking the Submit button. After that, a confirmation pin will be sent to the registered email address, complete the verification to get the new transaction key.

Authorize.Net Transaction Key


In order for webhooks to be sent to Gr4vy, at least one signature key must be generated. This is done on the same page as the Transaction Key. Go to the API Credentials & Keys and select New Signature Key, then complete the steps displayed.