The Giving Block makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency fundraising simpler for nonprofits. Empowering mission-driven organizations, charities, universities, and faith-based organizations of all sizes to leverage crypto technology to achieve their mission.


The Giving Block does not provide self-service sign up, but their sales team can be contacted to set up an account.


To enable The Giving Block we will need the following credentials.

  1. The Login username for the API. This will be different than your dashboard login.
  2. The Password for the API. This will be different than your dashboard password.
  3. The Encryption key and Encryption IV which are used to decrypt the webhooks sent from The Giving Block to our service.

Organization IDs

Additionally, we will need an organization ID for either the US Dollar or British Pound currencies. Both are optional, yet we need one for each of the currencies you want to process transactions for. You can get these IDs in your The Giving Block dashboard under the Organizations header.

Amount adjustment after settlement

We will automatically adjust the captured amount of a transaction to the actual settled fiat amount we received in the webhook from The Giving Block.

Note: Please make sure to configure the correct organization ID for each of the currencies. If incorrectly configured a transaction may be adjusted to the captured amount in the wrong currency.


To fully function, our The Giving Block connector will require webhooks to be set up from The Giving Block to our servers. Please copy-paste the webhook URL from our dashboard once you’ve set up the connector, and share the URL with the support team at The Giving Block to get it configured for your account.

Connection options

The Giving Block connector supports the pass through of the following connection option when creating a request.

// POST /transactions
    "connection_options": {
        "givingblock-givingblock": {
            "defaultCryptocurrency": "ETH",

This will automatically set the default crypto currency used when the user is redirected to The Giving Block, allowing for a more smooth experience between your UI, where a user may have already selected a currency earlier.

Currency conversion rates

The Giving Block connector supports fetching the latest crypto rates used to calculate fiat amounts to crypto amounts.

POST /payments-service-definitions/givingblock-givingblock/sessions

This API will call the list currencies API with the following default request.

    "includeRates": true, 
    "organizationId": "{USD_ORG_ID | GBP_ORG_ID }"

You can customize the request if needed with the request parameters for this API.

If you have more than one The Giving Block connector configured, you can use this API instead to target a specific connector.

POST /payments-services/{payment_service_id}/sessions