To sign-up for a CyberSource account you will need to request a sandbox account, this can take 1-2 days.


When setting up CyberSource in the Dashboard, you will need to configure the following credentials, which are obtained from CyberSource Business Center:

Merchant Id

This is the CyberSource assigned Merchant ID for your account. You can see this in the CyberSource Business Center

CyberSource Merchant ID

Secret key

Follow the steps below to Create a REST API Shared Secret Key (NOTE: this is also documented on the CyberSource Knowledge Base)

Create a Shared Secret Key

  1. Sign in to the CyberSource Business Center (Test or Production) where the key will be used
  2. Select Payment Configuration > Key Management CyberSource Key Management Menu
  3. Select Generate Key at the top right CyberSource Generate Key
  4. From the list, make sure you check the radio button for REST APIs - REST - Shared Secret Key CyberSource Create Key
  5. Click Generate Key at the bottom CyberSource Complete Generate Key
  6. Click on Download Key or you can copy the keys using the copy function next to Key and Shared Secret CyberSource Key ID

Key ID

After creating a Shared Secret Key (see above), you can obtain the Key ID by following these steps:

  1. Go to Payment Configuration > Key Management CyberSource Key Management Menu
  2. Find your key from the list CyberSource Generate Key
  3. The Key ID is listed below the Key Detail title CyberSource Merchant ID


Some CyberSource features will need to be enabled by their support team to be used/tested. For example:

  • 3-D secure - will need to be activated on your merchant id, using our external 3DS server
  • Tokenization - will need to be activated on your merchant id, ensuring support for both Instrument Identifiers and Payment Instruments is added.
  • Metadata - You must define “Merchant Defined Data Fields” via the “Terminal Settings” on the CyberSource dashboard. Metadata keys must be integers or they will be ignored. These keys are mapped to your merchant-defined data fields.

Unsupported Features

  • Cybersource Decision Manager: Cybersource Decision Manager must be turned off within the Payment Configuration options of the merchant account for the connector to work as expected. If Cybersource Decision Manager functionality is required please use the Gr4vy Cybersource Decision Manager Anti-Fraud Connector.