Azupay provides a self-service sign-up for a sandbox account. To sign-up for an account visit the sign-up page and follow the instructions to sign up for a sandbox account.


When setting up PayID in the Dashboard, you will need to configure the following credentials, which are obtained from Azupay:

Client ID

The Client ID is provided as part of your Azupay account request form once your account is created.

Secret key

The Azupay Secret Key can also be generated in the Azupay Dashboard under the Settings -> API Keys -> section.

Azupay Account Configuration

Payment Request webhook events

By default, Azupay will send webhook events for every payment request status change.

Please ensure that all webhook events are sent by checking in the Azupay Dashboard under Settings -> Payment Request webhook events section and setting the webhook URL as defined by your connector.

PayID payment acceptance

Please ensure that your Azupay account is configured to decline payments where the amount paid by the customer does not match the amount requested.

Features & Limitations

  • PayID - Azupay automatically generates the PayID with the suffix registered at the time of sign-up. We currently do not support a dynamic suffix as part of the payload.

  • Partial Refunds - Partial refunds are supported. However, another refund cannot be initiated while there is an outstanding in-progress refund.

  • PayID expiry - The PayID expiry is currently set to 20 minutes. Any payments initiated against the PayID after the expiry will be automatically declined and returned by Azupay.