Sign-up & Credentials

Qwikcilver does not provide self-service sign-up. Please work with your Qwikcilver to get set up with an environment. Once set up, the Qwikcilver team will provide you with the following information.

  • The Username for your instance
  • The Password for your instance
  • The Terminal ID for our integration
  • And finally the Subdomain of your instance. This will be prefixed to the Qwikcilver domain name of your instance, e.g. https://{subdomain}

These credentials can be configured in the dashboard directly when setting up a Qwikcilver connection, or the details can be securely shared with our solution engineering team for them to set up.


In the case of multiple gift cards for a transaction, we will process all gift cards using the Qwikcilver batch API. This means that we will attempt all gift cards in parallel, at the same time.

If any of them fail due to insufficient funds, or any other reason, then none of the gift cards will be charged, but because of the parallel nature of Qwikcilver, each card will be marked as failed, even when some of them were never attempted.