The Gr4vy card simulator is a sandbox-only connector that can be used to simulate card payment responses. The values for the error_code, avs_response_code and cvv_response_code can be simulated by passing in different amounts, postal codes, and security codes. This can be used when testing your integration, including when validating failover scenarios between connectors, or when validating your handling of AVS & CVV responses.

Error Codes

The amount field is used to simulate error codes. See our error Codes documentation for all the possible error codes and each of the amounts that can be used to trigger them.

AVS Responses

A buyer’s postal_code can be used to simulate different avs_response_code values for a transaction.

matchThe post code and address matchany other
no_matchNeither post code or address matchedany post code containing 77
partial_match_postcodeOnly the post code matchedany post code containing 88
partial_match_addressOnly the address matchedany post code containing 99

CVV Responses

The CVV (security_code) is used to simulate different cvv_response_code values.

matchThe CVV matchedany other
not_providedThe CVV was not provided or unable to be checked222
no_matchThe CVV did not match333