The transaction_retries model allows setting one parameter.

  1. filters: a dictionary of filters

Note that the output fields are predefined and cannot be changed. Also the order of the output data is sorted based on the occurrence time of the transactions and then by the attempt number.


Filters allow you to filter the transaction retries’ data to be exported.

created_atdict[str, str] See date-time filter below

No filters

If no filters should be applied, just set filters as null

Date-time filter

A date-time filter could be defined as follows.

    "start": str
    "end": str

start and end allow three types of values:

  1. Valid ISO 8601 timestamp with or without timezone. UTC is assumed if the time zone is not specified.
  2. Date-time placeholder to be set dynamically
  3. null: this represents an open range


The validations below are checked:

  1. start <= end, only when both are timestamps
  2. start and end cannot be null at the same time


Example of report creation using the transaction_retries model.

  "name": "Test report",
  "spec": {
    "model": "transaction_retries",
    "params": {
      "filters": {
        "created_at": {
          "start": "2023-01-01T00:00:00"