Flow enables customization of customer experiences throughout the transaction lifecycle. By creating rules with conditions you can target specific customers and/or transactions to dynamically change the outcome. You can interact with this feature via the API or your dashboard.

Flow dashboard



A flow represents one stage of the customer journey, for example, the checkout experience. Flow gives you control to dynamically change each of these flows via actions.


Each flow may have one or more associated actions, for example, when processing a transaction you might choose to decline a transaction or route the transaction to a specific connection. For each action you can control what happens under specific circumstances by creating rules.


A rule represents a set of conditions and an outcome. If, at evaluation time, all the conditions for the rule are met the outcome will be used to alter the customer experience.

An example of a rule would be “If the transaction amount is between 10 & 50, then only show the card payment option at checkout”.

Each rule is evaluated from top to bottom, the first matched rule will be used to change the outcome.