For each unique buyer ID in the token import file, we will create a new buyer record in your instance. All fields that are passed in for the buyer will be linked to the respective fields of a buyer record.

Similarly, for each payment method in the token import file, a new payment method record will be created in your instance. Additionally, if a buyer is present the payment method will be linked to the created buyer. The buyer’s external_identifier field will retain the value you passed in the import file we will produce a unique internal ID field as a part of the import process.

Merchant Advice File

Once all tokens, buyer, and payment methods were imported we will provide you with a Merchant Advice File (example) which will log the successful and unsuccessful imports of all resources as part of this process.

  • For each row attempted, a corresponding log item will be shown with an audit reference tag
  • The ID for each created buyer record created will be outputted
  • The ID for each created payment method created will be outputted
  • A list of failures and validation errors will be outputted