A token import allows you to migrate your card data from your current payment provider into our vault. We support both raw card data (PAN) as well as PSP token imports into our vault. To get this process started please contact our team to get started.

This guide will help you understand the basic principles of the token import process. This process may not be supported by all providers in which case we will work with you to establish a custom process.

The token import process is comprised of the following steps and involves you (the merchant), your original payment service (the PSP), either of which can be the Token holder.

  • Token holder creates a token file using our file template and definitions.
  • Token holder encrypts the token file created using our public PGP encryption key.
  • Token holder uploads the encrypted token file to a cloud-signed storage URL provided by us.
  • We process and import all the tokens into your instance. Additionally, we will create new buyers and payment methods from the token import file.
  • We will provide you with a Merchant Advice file that provides you with a log of all the succeeded and failed imports.