Merchant accounts

Multiple merchant accounts can be supported in one instance. Each merchant account represents a single merchant with its connections to payment and anti-fraud services, users, API keys, Flow rules, transactions, and more.

By default each instance only has one “default” merchant account, creating a uniquely contained, single-tenant infrastructure, yet for those who need to support it, additional merchant accounts can be enabled to allow for easy separation of data between each of the different accounts.

Enabling multi-merchant

Support for multiple merchant accounts in one instance is a premium feature. Please contact your account manager for pricing.

The basics

  • Each environment has one default merchant account that all data is associated with
  • Transactions, payment methods, buyers, flow rules, connections, and all other transaction data are associated with one (and only one) merchant account
  • New merchants accounts can be created by administrators
  • Administrators always have access to all merchant accounts
  • Other users can be assigned to have access to one or more merchant accounts
  • API keys can be created that act can access either one, or all merchant accounts

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