Before testing 3DS in sandbox there is some configuration required:

  • Configure 3DS for each of the schemes that you want test with against your primary card connector
  • Ensure Flow rules do not skip 3DS for your specific test scenarios

Our 3DS server uses different card numbers to simulate various responses. You can use the following test cards.

Each connector handles sandbox testing and test PANs differently, so it may or may not be possible to use these PANs to test end-to-end in sandbox. Please reach out should you have any questions about testing different 3DS scenarios end-to-end.

Challenge flow - Successful or Declined - status ‘Y’ (ECI 05) or ‘N’

Test PANScheme

Frictionless flow - Successful - status ‘Y’ (ECI 05)

Test PANScheme

status in the above table refers to the transaction API response field three_d_secure.response_data.authentication_response