To keep card details up to date most card schemes have created services to inform customers about changes to card and account details, for example, when the expiry date of a card changes.

Using an account updater, it is possible to update the details of stored card details automatically. This way it is possible to keep all information fresh and up to date and maintain continuity in your payment cycle, without the buyer having to re-fill their card details after they have changed.

Using Gr4vy’s batch account updater service, card details are automatically updated when the following events occur.

  • A new expiry date is available.
  • A new card is issued, replacing the old card.
  • A card is reported as stolen or lost
  • The buyer has no longer authorized the merchant to automatically charge the card

Enable account updater

To have the batch account updater enabled on your account please fill out this form. The enrollment happens directly with the card schemes and may take up to two weeks. Our customer support team may reach out with more questions if needed.

If you’re already enrolled for this service with the schemes, filling out the form is still required to set up the necessary data points in our systems as well as our downstream partner’s system.