To set up 3-D Secure for a payment service, head over to your dashboard and switch to the Connections tab. Then select one of your active card connections and switch to the 3-D Secure tab.

3-D Secure with 3rd-party server

Configuring 3-D Secure is only required when using 3-D Secure via Embed or as a hosted option via the API. Configuration is not required when you intend to use your own 3-D Secure server.


Configuring 3-D Secure requires the following details per scheme that you support through your connection.

Acquirer BINThe acquirer BIN for the supported card scheme.
Acquirer Merchant IDThe merchant ID provided by the acquirer used by your payment service.
Merchant NameYour merchant name. This will be sent on to our 3-D Secure provider.
Merchant Country CodeISO 3166-1 numeric three-digit country code for this merchant account.
Merchant Category CodeThe merchant category code or mcc for the merchant account. This describes the type of business, product or service offered.
Merchant URLThe URL on which the payments are processed.

Where do I find these details?

You can find most of these identifiers either in your payment service’s dashboard or through their support channels. Please see the details for each of the connectors for more information.