Apple Pay is the faster, more secure way to pay online using cards saved on your customer’s Apple device.

We support Apple Pay out of the box in Embed with minimal configuration.

About this integration

Embed requires minimal configuration to get set up to process Apple Pay. Unlike some other integrations it does not require you to sign up for an Apple Pay Developer account.

  • Upload our Domain Association File to your website.
  • Enable Apple Pay in your merchant dashboard.

Enable Apple Pay

To enable Apple Pay, head over to your dashboard and then go to Connections -> Catalog -> Apple Pay.

Next, fill in your merchant name and the domain name(s) where you want to use Apple Pay on.

Apple Pay connector

Domain Association File

Before submitting the form, please download the Domain Association File from the dashboard and upload it to every domain you add to the list of domain names.

The file needs to be added to every domain in a predefined location.


This file is checked by Apple in the production environment to verify that you have granted us permission to perform Apple Pay transactions on your dashboard.

Test Apple Pay

Apple has an extensive guide on sandbox testing.

Apple Pay is different from other payment services in the fact that it can’t be forced to run in sandbox or production environment. Instead, this is defined by the Apple account used, which is either a real account or a Sandbox Tester account.

Sandbox Testers can add fake test cards to their account that can then be triggered to be used in Apple Pay.

Create a Sandbox Tester account

A sandbox tester account can be set up in the User and Access section of a Apple Developer account. If you do not have an Apple Developer account please contact support and they can set you up with a Sandbox Tester account under our Apple developer account.

To set up an account we need the following details.

  • First and last name: This can be anything really but we recommend using the person’s full name.
  • Email: This needs to be a real email address that is not already an Apple account. This needs to be an email that can receive actual emails.
  • App Store Country or Region: This can help with any locale testing.

Setup on Mac/iPhone

Once set up, a sandbox tester account can be added to a Mac or iPhone.

Sign in to iCloud with the sandbox tester on macOS (or iOS). You will need to sign out of your existing iCloud account and sign in specifically with the sandbox account. This will allow you to register the sandbox cards in the Apple Wallet.

On a Mac, it helps to create a second user account so that you don’t need to log out of your own iCloud account every time you need to test Apple Pay. One caveat is that only 1 Apple account per Mac can be used to store cards in the vault, so you’d not be able to use Apple Pay in your own account.

Add test cards

Next, add a test card from the Apple Pay docs. On a Mac this can be done by going to System Preferences -> Wallet & Apple Pay -> Add card.

Apple Pay - Add card

Create sandbox transaction

To make an Apple Pay sandbox transaction the following are required.

  • An Apple device with a Sandbox Tester account on it
  • One or more test cards added to the Sandbox Tester account on that device
  • Embed loaded on an HTTPS site in a Safari browser
  • Apple Pay enabled in the dashboard
  • A card processor enabled that can process Apple Pay in the given currency.

For a currency that has a card processor that supports Apple Pay, you should see the payment option in your app. Select Apple Pay and continue with the payment. You should see the Apple Pay sheet appear.

Apple Pay - Add card

Create production transaction

To make an Apple Pay transaction in production replace the Sandbox Tester account with a regular Apple account with real cards.

Common issues