Some anti-fraud services may hold a transaction in review. If your chosen anti-fraud service supports this feature then you can enable manual reviews as part of the payment flow. This will pause a transaction and wait for the result of the review before proceeding.

A transaction in review

A transaction in review

When a transaction is marked for review the following steps will be performed.

  • We accept the transaction request
  • We call out to the anti-fraud service to fetch a decision
  • When the service requires a manual review we will mark the transaction as pending review
  • We proceed to authorize the transaction but do not continue to capture
  • When a support agent reviews the transaction we receive a webhook
  • We remove the pending review status from the transaction
  • We either proceed to capture if that was the original intent, or we will void the transaction if it was rejected

Supported connections

The following anti-fraud services currently support manual reviews.

  • Cybersource Decision Manager

Set up webhooks

To enable manual review you will need to set up webhooks from your anti-fraud service to our system. This webhook is used to notify us when a review has had a decision.

To get the webhook URL, head over to your connection by going to Connections -> [Anti-Fraud connection] -> Synchronization and copying the webhook URL.

Then follow the guide for your chosen anti-fraud service to set up the webhook in their dashboard.