Forter provides accurate, real-time decisions about every digital interaction, powered by the largest network of online retailers. Forter’s anti-fraud decisions can be used in Flow to trigger any action.


To configure a Forter connection, you will need to set the following credentials. Each of these can be found in the Forter dashboard under the settings (gear) icon.

Site IDYour unique account ID with Forter
Secret KeyThe secret API key used to connect to the Forter API

Our integration requires your credentials to be compatible with the 2.1 version of the Forter API. To verify that your credentials are compatible with this version of the API, please reach out to Forter support.

Merchant information

Additionally, some default merchant information can be configured in case you are running multiple storefronts through one Forter account.

Merchant IDThe unique ID for your Forter merchant account.
Merchant domainThe hostname of the site for which to get a decision.
Merchant IDThe brand name of the site for which to get a decision.

Decision mapping

Decisions received from Forter are mapped to Gr4vy decisions according to the following logic.

not reviewederror
unknown or emptyerror

If any of the data requirements below are not met, the decision will be skipped. If there was a technical issue reaching Forter the decision will return as an exception.

Data requirements

When using Forter, we will only be able to fetch anti-fraud decisions if the transaction has a minimum set of required fields set.

If any of these values are not provided then the call to Forter can not be completed and the anti-fraud decision will result in a Skipped decision.

Browser requirements

Forter requires the following browser data to be associated with a transaction.

User agentThe browser user agent
IPThe browser IP

Both of these will automatically be set when using Embed or one of our e-commerce plugins. Please refer to our IP address forwarding guide for more details on this subject.

Buyer requirements

Forter also requires the transaction to be associated with a buyer and the buyer must have the following fields populated.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Country

Additional Data

When any of the following attributes are associated with a transaction they will be sent to Forter as well.

  • The buyer’s shipping address
  • Any cart items
    • If set, they must specify the product type

Custom options

You can also pass custom merchant-defined data specifically for Forter using connection options.

delivery_typeThe unique ID for your Forter merchant account.
delivery_methodThe hostname of the site for which to get a decision.

Device fingerprinting

The use of device fingerprinting is highly recommended when using Forter. Please refer to our device fingerprinting guide for more information on our universal solution.

If needed, you could load the fingerprint script for Forter directly and pass the token value as the anti_fraud_fingerprint to the new transaction API.