In some situations, using our Web, Android, and iOS SDKs are not desirable. In these situations, you can directly integrate into our API to create a bespoke orchestration solution.

This integration is perfect for merchants who may want to integrate a wallet, or other alternative payment method like PayPal directly via the API.

We recommend using Secure Fields when working with cards as it reduces the PCI scope of your integration. If you intend to use our API directly for card payments without Secure Fields then you will have to go through your own PCI-DSS level 1 certification.

In this quick start guide, we will take you through the following steps.

  1. Authenticate by creating an API key and generating a signed JWT token.
  2. Get the payment options to display at checkout via the API.
  3. Create a transaction with the payment method selected at checkout.
  4. Redirect the customer to the payment service to complete the payment.
  5. Get the transaction result to determine the status of the payment.