Before you start

It’s recommended that you first install the Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge to a sandbox instance that is an exact copy of your live store. After you have verified everything is working properly in your sandbox environment, you can safely install the cartridge in your live environment.

Salesforce AppExchange

The Gr4vy Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge is available for free in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Install the cartridges

Upload the following cartridges to the Business Manager of your Salesforce Commerce Cloud instance.

  • int_gr4vy_sfra
  • int_gr4vy
  • bm_gr4vy

Configure the cartridge path as shown in the below tables. Cartridges should be added to the beginning of the cartridge path. The int_gr4vy_test cartridge can be added for testing the back office, however, it should be removed after testing the integration.

Site Cartridge Pathint_gr4vy_sfra:int_gr4vy
Business Manager Cartridge Pathbm_gr4vy


All BM configurations related to the below components have been configured within metadata/site-template folder.

  • System/Custom object definitions
  • Payment Methods
  • Payment Processors
  • Services
  • Jobs

Please follow the below steps to import the BM configurations for the above-mentioned components.

  1. Locate the folder metadata in the installation package.
  2. Review the contents within the site-template folder.
  3. Change the site ID under path site-template\sites to your site ID.
  4. Archive the folder to and import the file via Site Import & Export.


The integration includes a new service named Gr4vyAPI which can be accessed from Administration -> Operations -> Services.


Service Details

Service IDService ProfileService Credential

The URLs for the sandbox and production credentials need to be configured with the URL of your Gr4vy instance. For example, if your Gr4vy instance ID was example, the URL for your sandbox credentials would be and the URL for your production credentials would be

Payment Processor and Payment Method

The cartridge includes a Processor called GR4VY which should be mapped to the Gr4vy Payment Method under Merchant Tools -> Ordering -> Payment Methods.



The integration includes a new job named ProcessGr4vyNotifications available under Administration -> Operations -> Jobs. The ProcessGr4vyNotifications job processes webhook notifications received from Gr4vy at a scheduled interval.

To configure the job, navigate to Administration -> Operations -> Jobs and select ProcessGr4vyNotifications. Then on the Schedule and History tab, set the job to run with a recurring interval of 1 minute.

Job Schedule

Then on the Job Steps tab, select the Specific Sites scope and select the sites where the job is required.

Job Scope