Payment information

Transaction information can be found in the order edit page in the Magento admin by going to:

Sales -> Orders -> [Select Order]

Information such as transaction id, transaction status, amount of transaction, currency etc are presented in the Payment Information section:


Capture payment online

The admin user can capture an Authorized transaction by creating a new invoice for the order.

To do this, go to:

Sales > Orders > [Select Order] and click the Invoice link

Select the Capture Online option under the Amount heading.

Finally, click the [Submit Invoice] button to capture the payment.

Capture Online

Capture Online is not available if the Payment Action configuration is set to Authorize and Capture


Refund payment

To perform an online refund, go to the edit page of the invoice you want to refund, via either of these routes:

Sales > Invoices > [Select Invoice] and click on the [Credit Memo] button

Sales > Orders > [Select Order], click on the Invoices tab, [Select Invoice] and finally, click on the [Credit Memo] button

On the refund page, there are two action buttons available:

  1. [Refund Offline] - This option won’t trigger a refund transaction in Gr4vy, only in Magento

  2. [Refund] - This option will instruct us to refund the captured transaction amount to the customer’s account


Order comments history

Transaction information is appended to the order comments history section within the order view page whenever a customer submits a transaction, or when an admin user performs a payment capture or a transaction refund request.

There are four types of transactional information, see examples below:

  1. Authorization message from Magento
  2. Authorization message from Gr4vy, with transaction ID
  3. Capture message from Gr4vy
  4. Refund message from Gr4vy