Some payment methods, such as bank transfers, do not return to our server after completion. These methods, termed “Push Payments,” involve presenting the user with payment details (like a QR code), after which there is no return to your merchant page. The transaction is an open order, with the payment being pushed to the order asynchronously by the buyer.

API usage

All push payment transactions use the mode value of redirect, but where a normal redirect payment will return with a status of buyer_approval_pending, a push payment will move directly to the processing status.

If you are doing a direct integration, we recommend you link our transaction ID to your order, and then either redirect the user to the approval_url on the transaction, or present that same URL in a popup or <iframe> if possible.


As the buyer is unlikely to return to your return_url afterwards, you will definitely need to set up webhooks between your payment service and our server in order for us to be notified of the completion of the transaction.

Additionally, we recommend you set up webhooks between our system and yours in order for you to be notified of the completion of the transaction as well.